NeoFinder Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the information West-Forest-Systems collects and what is done with it. Should you have any further privacy questions not covered by this policy, please email and put "Privacy Policy Question" in the subject line.

The information collected

West-Forest-Systems primarily collects, uses and stores your information when you visit our web site, purchase products from us or when you communicate with us (email, web, phone, fax, postal letter, etc.). Every order form asks for personally identifiable information such as your name, contact information, and payment information.

When you interact with us, information on how you communicated with us is collected. The information is primarily used to understand you as a potential customer and so that we may have alternate ways of communicating with you should the information you provide be inadequate. Information on how you communicated with us may include: the Internet address of the computer you used, the language you selected when viewing the order form, the browser type, the security level used to view a web page, the currency in which you viewed prices, the return email address shown in your email messages, the return address on postal envelopes, the return fax number on faxes, the phone number used when calling, and any other information that may be gathered from your communication.

We do not use any Cookies on our web site.

If you use resellers or payment processors such as Paypal or to order NeoFinder licenses, their Privacy Policies apply as well.

How we use the information

The information is primarily used to: determine whether to accept your purchase information; enable us to deliver goods, services or information; provide notices regarding goods or services that you may purchase; and improve our business.

Information sharing

Access to financial payment information such as bank account information is restricted on a need to know basis.

To insure that you receive your purchased product(s), all other information collected by us and any additional communications that might be related to your purchase, will be stored in our records.

We aggregate statistics about the information that is collected. Aggregated statistics do not uniquely identify you.

We will disclose all information of any type if we believe that we are required to do so by law, regulation or other government authority, or to prevent harm to yourself or others.

Information protection

We employ both procedural and technological measures, consistent with the demands of customer service, to protect your information. Such measures are, within reason, designed to protect all the information from loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

West-Forest-Systems privacy policy changes

This privacy policy is dated Jan 25, 2008.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy, at will, without notice, and will post any revisions at . We encourage you to review this privacy policy on a regular basis for any changes. Your use of this web site will be subject to the then-current privacy policy.